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Pecans are a great source of nutrition!

Pecans contain the same heart-healthy unsaturated fats that are found in other nuts, and nearly two decades of research suggests that nuts, including pecans, may help maintain a healthy heart and cholesterol levels. Pecans are also a great source of vitamins, fiber, protein, and are sodium free. .

Pecans have been designated as heart-healthy by the American Heart Association. For more information, visit or

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National Pecan Shellers Association

National Pecan Shellers Association

The National Pecan Shellers Association has gathered a wealth of information regarding pecans. Visit their site at to learn more about pecans and how they can have a significant effect on heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Pecans contain heart-healthy fats that can aid in lowering cholesterol levels. Pecans also contain multiple vitamins and minerals as well as protein and fiber.

Pecans are also often used when dieting and in weight control when eaten in moderation and combined with a healty diet.


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