Product Storage Recommendation

How to Store All York Pecan Nut Products

Your York Pecans arrived. Now you are wondering “What is the best way to store these?”

Or… Did you just throw them right in your pantry?

Here is the thing, throwing your nuts/pecans into the pantry is not the optimal way to store your purchase for maximum freshness and taste. Ever bite into a nut and it taste a little off? This generally comes from the fact that the delicate oil, high in unsaturated fat, within the nut has started to be compromised.

Proper nut storage comes from decreasing the nuts exposure to light, oxygen, and heat.

We recommend the following storage to help prolong freshness of all our nut products, including candy and chocolate coated. 

If you plan to use your product within 30-60 days, keep them refrigerated between use in a properly sealed package.

For storing for more than 60 days and up to two years, keep in the freezer. Your pecans should be stored in a sealed bag to avoid absorbing other odors from other foods. 

Our products are shipped in reselable bags. Please open the bag immediately to check the product. You can store your product in the bag, or transfer to your preferred airtight container.

If you have any questions, let us know here!